Culture and Climate Change: Recordings

Cover of Culture and Climate Change, listing contributors

Culture and Climate Change: Recordings is a publication based on a series of panel discussions which are available as a podcast.

Joe Smith, Senior Lecturer at the Open University, introduces the podcasts: ‘These discussions consider how humanity is making sense of an extraordinary new body of knowledge. Knowledge of climate change raises huge philosophical and cultural questions about who and what counts – now and in the future. We want these recordings to help artists, writers, filmmakers and others to understand the context in which they are working and to place their own work in relation to that of others.’

The resulting publication, Culture and Climate Change: Recordings is edited by Robert Butler, Eleanor Margolies, Joe Smith and Renata Tyszczuk. It supplements the podcast with three introductory essays, an extensive timeline, resources and notes.

The pdf can be downloaded here

ISBN 978-0955753411

See the Ashden Directory for details of how to obtain a print copy.

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