Greening the theatre

Useful links prepared for Theatre Materials:

Arcola Energy: information on the Arcola’s vision of a ‘carbon-neutral’ theatre as well as practical steps for improving practice

Any Junk: household and business clearance with more than 70% reused or recycled.

Arts, Crafts and Theater Safety: a US not-for-profit corporation that provides health and safety advice on materials:

Ashden Directory: directory of companies, feature articles and blog on bringing together environment and performing arts

Association of British Theatre Technicians:

Battboxes: commercial battery recycling scheme for workplaces

Centre for Sustainable Practice in the Arts: a US-based organisation providing a network of resources and information

The Carbon Trust’s mission is to accelerate the move to a low carbon economy and develop commercial low carbon technologies. Site includes carbon footprint calculator.

Centre for Sustainable Practice in the Arts: a centre within CAL ARTS

Community RePaint passes unwanted paint onto community organisations.

Envirowise offers free, independent support and audits to businesses aiming to become more resource
efficient and save money.

Freecycle matches people who have things they no longer want with people who can use them.

Greening Theatre: a new UK group for theatre professionals interested in tackling climate change, in response to the Green Theatre Plan

Green Procurement Code: a free support service for London-based organisations committed to reducing their environmental impact through responsible purchasing.

Green Theater Intiative: a US-based website to inspire theatres to incorporate environmental concerns in their planning and operations and aid them in doing

Julie’s Bicycle: a not-for-profit company helping the music industry cut its greenhouse gas emissions and create a low carbon creative future

London Remade: a not-for-profit business working in partnership to develop and improve waste management, recycling and green procurement in London

Mayor of London’s Green Theatre Programme:

Scenery Salvage remove scenery from studios or locations to a reclamation centre. Useful set pieces such as doors, windows, castors etc are catalogued and put on the Salvage Stock List for resale to the industry. The remaining scenery is separated into its constituent materials i.e. timber, metal and plastics, and sent for recycling.

The Theatres Trust: A society established to promote the protection of theatres within the United Kingdom.

TippingPoint aims to ‘harness the power of the imagination to help stabilise the climate’ with dialogue between artists, scientists and others close to the heart of the issue.

WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) works with local authorities, business and households to prevent waste, increase recycling and develop markets for recycled and sustainable products

White Light, the lighting hire and supply company, produces a useful green guide that can be downloaded from their website

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