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Manifesto for a Modern Theatre

A theatre book is only half a book.
The missing part of a theatre book is
to be found outside a book.

from Article 45 of Manifesto for a Modern Theatre by Patrick Dubost

In Manifeste pour un théâtre moderne, Patrick Dubost subverts the form and rhetorical devices of the manifesto in 49 polyvocal poems. He writes after Brecht, Artaud and Pasolini – and for a theatre that is capacious, philosophical, post-dramatic. Each of his brief, playful investigations of theatre and language is in dialogue with a photographic collage by Sylvie Villaume.
Patrick Dubost trained as a mathematician and musicologist. He has published more than 20 poetry collections in French and performs his sound poetry internationally. His work has also been performed by live actors, puppets and objects. He lives and works in Lyons.
Manifesto for a Modern Theatre is now available in English from Knives Forks and Spoons Press.
On trouve une critique enjouée par Mark Leahy in Stride magazine ici.
Black and white cover of book Manifesto for a Modern Theatre by Patrick Dubost with photo of abandoned factory

Other to themselves

Voir Marseille et MourirHow did Charleville-Mézières, best known as Arthur Rimbaud’s ville natale but reviled by the poet as ‘the stupidest of small provincial towns’, become the international centre of puppetry? Article in the Times Literary Supplement 27 September 2013.

Photo: ‘See Marseille and die: portrait of Jean Claude Izzo, Louise Michel and Arthur Rimbaud’, poster by Happy Fingers photographed in Charleville, September 2011.